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Solar Panel Systems

What are the different solar panel services we offer?  

Residential Solar Systems in Rancho Cucamonga

Residential Solar Systems

Home Solar Systems are the number 1 way for home owners to lower their monthly bills. With an ever increasing number of financing options, solar is now available to the masses. Get rid of the power company today! 

Commercial Solar Systems In Rancho Cucamonga Ca

Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Systems can give your business the increase in profitability that you are looking for. Stop paying the power company for your employees or tenants leaving the door open, and wasting electricity. You own the building now become the power company as well!

Solar Panel Installer Rancho Cucamonga CA

Solar Panel Installer

Installing solar panels isn't rocket science but it also isn't something you want to trust to just anyone. Whether you are just adding some panels to heat your pool or you are trying to go off-grid trust your panel installation to the experts at SolarRanchoCucamonga.com

Are you tired of paying CRAZY electric bills in the summer? 

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Rancho Cucamonga, California

Solar Services Offered, and the Benefits of Solar in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The conversion of solar energy from the sun into electricity is a renewable, clean, and economical way of powering both commercial and residential properties. There is abundant sunlight in California, and the conversion of the sun's energy can help in powering homes and commercial buildings.

The two most used kinds of solar energy include solar thermal water heating energy and solar photovoltaic energy used in producing electricity. The solar PV type uses panels equipped with photovoltaic cells to capture the energy of the sun and convert them into electricity. On the other hand, solar thermal energy employs the use of sunlight in heating the home's water supply needed in the pools or shower rooms. If you reside in the Rancho Cucamonga area and its environs, you can take advantage of the abundant sunlight in California by installing solar systems to power your home or commercial properties.

Getting a qualified, insured, and a certified provider will ensure that your installed systems meet the standards of the state and professional bodies that monitor solar system installation specifics.

To get a full installation package, you have to undergo the following steps:

The solar permit application and power audit:

 If you plan to install a solar thermal heating system or solar PV system, then you should begin by looking for a licensed technician or contractor that can help you in analyzing your needs. Such technicians will first conduct a power audit to determine how much power you use and the possible reductions in power and bills that you can get from ideal solar systems. After analyzing your needs and conducting an audit, such professionals will also help you in making permit applications, which will allow you to start the installation process.

Site Analysis:

 After performing a power audit and applying for the solar permit, site analysis is done to determine an ideal installation that fits your specific needs.A detailed site analysis will reveal the kind of solar system that befits the property as well as the power requirements of the property based on the earlier-performed power needs audit. As the property owner, you are supposed to be in close contact with the technician during site analysis so as to provide your feedback. The feedback is necessary for planning and ensuring that your needs are taken care of during the actual design and installation phase.

Solar Project Financing Options:

 Solar projects consume a considerable amount of finances that go towards funding the purchase of solar panels, equipment, fixtures, and service fees. Sometimes you need a professional in the field to give you advice on how to get finances and optimize the benefits of rebates and tax exemptions in order to purchase all required products and pay for the services. You could also get advice on where to get soft loans that you can easily payback after saving on energy consumption once the system is installed. The technicians are often well aware of the various options of financing available for solar installers, and they can offer this advice as part of the services they provide.

Designing and Installing of the Solar Systems Once your hired technician has had a proper site analysis, and you have acquired the necessary finances, then the design process can begin. Design services basically involve the process of designing the solar system and determining how it will be installed. The specifics of the plan follow the local electrical and safety requirements, which have to be adhered to in order for the plans to be ratified by the local authorities. After the technical drawings have been made and approved, the technician and handymen can start the actual installation process.

Solar System Maintenance services

Working solar systems often get covered with debris and dust because they are mostly positioned in open areas. Sometimes they can also get damages. As such, repairs and cleaning are always necessary when the solar panel surfaces get damaged or other electrical components of the whole system. Technicians that often install such systems provide a period of warranty within which they can perform free maintenance by providing services such as repairs and cleaning. This is indeed the last service that is meant to ensure that your system remains functional.

The Benefits of Solar in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

There is a wide array of benefits that you can get from installing and using solar systems. They include - Federal Tax Credits: The government offers tax credits to all property owners that install solar systems on their commercial or residential properties as a way of encouraging the increased use of solar energy, which is clean and renewable. - For the residents of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, the Rancho Cucamonga Municipal Utility program provides solar incentives to homeowners that intend to buy and install the PV solar systems. - The installers of solar systems can also benefit from the California Solar Initiative, which is a state program offering rebates to residents that wish to install solar systems. This program also provides rebates for multi-family affordable housing and qualifying low-income home property owners. - The GRID alternative Inland Empire has partnered with qualifying homeowners in Rancho Cucamonga to provide low cost or free solar panels through a program known as SASH (Single Family Affordable Solar Homes). You can benefit from the SASH and GRID partnership by getting low cost or free solar panels and equipment, which will significantly reduce the costs incurred in purchasing solar system panels. - The Energy Upgrade California body can also positively impact on the homeowners in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The homeowners who would like to install solar energy can get rebates of up to $4500 for increasing the efficiency of their energy consumption. These rebates are offered for upgrades seeking to increase efficiency in energy use. - You are likely to reduce your bills, reduce dependence on the main grid, and where possible, get more money if your solar system interconnection to the main grid provides more power to the grid. Take action now and benefit from all these positive programs that have been rolled out by the state and federal government so as to encourage the installation and use of solar systems .

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